Getting Started

Installation of the Clean UI HTML Admin Template

Use the ready (pre-compiled) templates of different versions from the folder /dist/versions/


Gulp use for build source files:

  1. Install latest Node.js from here;

  2. Install Bower npm install --global bower gulp;

  3. Install Node modules npm install;

  4. Install project dependencies bower install;

  5. Run gulp gulp (builds to /dist/);

  6. If a browser did not open automatically, please open http://localhost:9000 in any browser.

List of all Gulp tasks:

  1. gulp default task, includes ['build', 'watch', 'serve'] tasks;

  2. gulp build includes ['build:version', 'build:js', 'build:css', 'build:img', 'build:vendors'];

  3. gulp serve project serve;

  4. gulp build:versions build pages and structure (html);

  5. gulp build:js build js scripts;

  6. gulp build:css compilation and build sass files (css);

  7. gulp build:img build images;

  8. gulp build:vendors copy and merge vendros plugins to dist folder;

  9. gulp clean clean dist folder.

Note: For use px's instead rem's in CSS, change calculation formula in rem function (/src/components/core/css/mixins.scss) and recompile SASS by gulp build:css task.

Please don't forget that some files from root folder in /src/ folder are hidden (starts from dot symbol, such as .env or .bowerrc). For avoiding compiling problems check that in case if you want to move files to another folder.